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Bethany Leach

Star-crossed is an awesome TV series about a human and an atrian. When the alien crashed into earth, Roman (the alien) had to run and found a way to a shed to Emery's where she took care of him until the FBI took him away. 10 years later seven atrians are forced to go to the high school with humans and you find out that Roman is alive and that Emery is the only person that was kind to him and start connecting with him, Emery's friend Rachel has cancer and is not getting better so they look for cipher (an herb used for healing), but do not find what they're looking for at the end of the episode Rachael has taken a turn for the worst and is dying, Roman uses sipper to cure her and is healthy and the doctors think it is a miracle and so do the parents, but emery sees cipher on the ground and is confused think that roman did it, but is happy to be with her friend!!


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