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Over at the very busy offices of Moviepilot, the staff is hard at work to bring you the world's best movie site, for movie news, updates, reviews, etc. With their extremely busy schedules, it's hard to know who everyone is and what they do. That's why I'm bringing the information to the Fans! I got the chance to interview Aaron Kelly, head of the Moviepilot community team. Read closely as he gives you the ins and outs of what holds MP together:

Tell us a little about yourself Aaron. Where are you from originally and where are you located now? I was born in Bath, England. I grew up all over the place, spent a couple of years in France and now I'm in Berlin in Germany, working out of our Moviepilot office here. It's a great city and a lot of fun, but I'm moving out to Los Angeles next month to help build up the Moviepilot team there! is such a huge expanding enterprise. With so many folks involved (to include, staff members, fans and contributors), how do you all manage to keep everyone connected? That's always the challenge! We have a great team, though. You'll often see names like Kat, Hannah, Carola, Jazmina etc popping up on the site and on Facebook. Those guys are the community team, spending their day reaching out to contributors and movie fans and making Moviepilot as good as it can be. Couple that with brilliant editorial and creative teams etc... There's meetings, there's emails, there's Facebook. You can hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, and email. We're social media junkies.

Most sites just hire a few writers, and they take care of all the news coverage. Why contributors? and why is having contributors important to MP? Great question! Firstly, we're a website for movie fans. So we begin with letting the fans do the talking! It's been an amazing year for us to watch fans, writers, bloggers and even filmmakers pitch in and have their voices heard on Moviepilot. That's a cool thing to watch. Secondly, the amount of movies being made is unreal. We just can't keep up on every story, every project, every new actor. Having a super informed team of contributors who start conversations on the movies we miss, or who pick up the news we don't, is a great thing for everybody. It's been working really well and we're excited to see how far we can take it.

Where would you like to see MP within the next year? Ultimately, we want to be the biggest and best movie site in the world. That means putting fans right in the center and figuring out how to grow that on a global level! More contributors, more interesting posts, more outspoken fans, and hopefully more filmmakers, producers and actors having their say, too. It's a big, bold future. In the next year, we'd just like to get really good at hosting all those conversations about the topics we care about (Young Adult movies, Superhero movies, Horror movies etc). A big part of that is making a home that accommodates all those fans. So, if you know a few fans who would dig Moviepilot, pass it along and maybe they'll join us and contribute ; )

Coming from the horse's mouth. Moviepilot values the thoughts and opinions of its fans, and contributors! Check back soon for more staff interviews!


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