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Timothy Anderson

A lot of people hate these movies that have been coming out lately so this list is not going to include films like Howard the duck but its going to include the rotten tomatoes score just cause. lets do this

10. Catwoman 2004

Who whold even bother watching this dumb,crappy ass mess of a movie. if you want to watch a entertaing hallie berry movie watch gothika

rotten tomatoes score: 9%

9. Dark Shawdows

Probably considered the worst Johnny deep movie to date in my opinion. The acting sucks and so does the writing and directing

rotten tomatoes score:38%


I kinda enjoyed the film the first time i watched but the second time i really just din't like it at all in fact IT SUCKED

rotten tomatoes score:35%

7. Sex and the City 2

I have no freking clue why i watched this stupid ass movie. maybe because i have a mom who loved the tv show

rotten tomatoes:15%

6. X-men origins: wolverine

This rip-off of the first three x-men movies is just terrible when it comes to a whiny wolverine.

rotten tomatoes score:38%

5. White Chicks

Consederd a racist movie for both colored and non colored folks.this is the second movie that came in 2004 on this list

rotten tomatoes score:15%

4. pirhana 3D and 3DD

TWO movies that are nothing but porn stars naked in 3D. is not my thing and nether is anyone else

rotten tomatoes score's: no score coudent find one sorry

3. clash of the titans 2010

horrible writing,acting,directing this movie sucked beyond man's wildest dreams

rotten tomatoes:29%

2. the twilight saga:every one of them

sparkley vamps and a annoying mortel girl dont mix

rotten tomatoes score's

twilight :49%

new moon:28%


breaking dawn part 1: 24%

breaking dawn part 2: 48%

1. paranormal activity 1-5

they sucked admit it

parnormal activity:83% (highest rating on this list)

paranormal activity 2: 58%

paranormal activity 3:68%

paranormal actvity 4:24%

paranormal actvity:the marked ones:39%

so do you agrre with my list comment below let me know


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