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Most of you probably remember Heroes, a show that started off strong in its first season and stumbled thanks to the 2007 Writer's Strike (of which it never truly recovered).

By the fourth season, Heroes was a disaster of a show, filled with plot-holes, boring dialogue, a terrible story direction and not enough action (or budget) to keep viewers coming back. The series ended on a cliffhanger, but no one was all that choked up about the series being cancelled in 2010.

But in its prime, Heroes was a blockbuster of a show, so it's no surprise that NBC is aiming to revive the troubled franchise that was once its most promising property. And thanks to similar moves from FOX with the 24 revival being planned, we will be seeing the return of Heroes as Heroes: Reborn in 2015.

Here is the first promo, confirming that NBC is serious about giving the superhero drama another shot:

According to Tim Kring, creator of the hit show that premiered in 2006, Heroes: Reborn will be a 13-episode miniseries. Their plan is to see if this experiment will warrant a true respawn of the show with a full episode order.

NBC has confirmed that this will be an "event series," which means that the story will be standalone. For now, they haven't announced whether or not old characters will reprise their roles or if past events will be referenced.

What we do know is that a digital series will be released beforehand, setting up the new characters and story that will be introduced in "Reborn."


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