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How can a 2-minute trailer for a movie about some unknown characters set in a different part of the galaxy inspire excitement and anticipation when I should know better than to trust a trailer? Trailers can be misleading even when they are for movies whose characters are familiar. Just look at the trailers for Green Lantern, The Last Airbender, Indiana Jones 4, The Phantom Menace, etc...

Has the success of all the previous movies in the MCU got to Marvel’s head and are now overconfident that whatever movie they make will be loved by fans? Or is it something in the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy that makes it stand out?

Something is so right about the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. Here's why...

1. Not taking itself too seriously

The most striking feature of the trailer for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is how it does not take itself seriously. The trailer drops the heavy tone that it begins with in a matter of few seconds to make way for a joke that puts a smile on your face and introduces the main character. Marvel as always is trying to have fun with what they do and they realize humor is an important aspect of superhero movies. DC, on the other hand, mostly goes the serious way with their main character tackling lofty ideas and is mostly brooding. It worked in the ‘The Dark Knight’ Trilogy but the lack of humor in ‘Man of Steel’ really stood out. Most likely, the serious tone would be present in the sequel to ‘Man of Steel’ as well.

2. Unlikely team up

The main characters are not heroes (at least they are not portrayed that way). You have the main lead who gives off a strong Han Solo/Malcolm Reynolds vibe, a green skinned female assassin, a WWE wrestler with some anger management issues, a raccoon with an attitude and a walking tree. Yeah, not your average run-of-the-mill team up.

3. Old School is always cool

You have a pop song from the 70’s playing throughout the trailer and obscene jokes that are anachronistic by today’s standards. Also, you have characters facing-off over a Walkman. I believe that there is always a yearning in all of us to return to an older and simpler time. This trailer really brings that out to its advantage in making itself likable.

4. Tie-ins to MCU

We live in the age of superheroes (cinema-wise) with almost every major studio releasing at least one superhero movie every year. I firmly believe that we are part of a great time in cinematic history and many years down the line people would look back at this time with fondness. Unarguably, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done everything right up to this point and has whetted the appetite of audiences everywhere for more. So, any movie that is part of that universe is sure to be highly awaited.

5. Rocket and Groot

Two CGI characters as part of main cast of characters. One of them is a raccoon who looks like he could kick some serious ass and the other one a giant tree with kindly eyes. What are they doing on this team!? I have been more than intrigued by this tree character. I can relate a little bit to the other characters. I could be wrong but Star-Lord would most likely be a reckless leader who thinks highly of himself. Gamora and Drax would come off as dangerous people but would ultimately have hearts of gold. But this tree…it/he is so different…what is its/his back story? What is it/he doing on this team? What kind of friendship it/he has with Rocket? I want to know !

All these aspects make it a great trailer and suddenly this movie has become my most anticipated movie of 2014.

“Ooga! Ooga! Ooga Chaka! … Ooga! Ooga! Ooga Chaka! … Hooked on a Feeling…”


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