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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

Seriously, you guys really did...

The title says it all but i'll explain further the reasoning behind the title and why I'm laughing at the angry fans of the Fantastic Four Reboot.

The truth is many of you asked for this since day one, it's called lazy writing and man-oh-man does it show in early to present comics. One of the many issues with the world is making white a default for EVERYTHING...yes I did just say that.

If the world wasn't so narrow minded and people weren't so obsessed about judging others by skin color instead of judging them by the context of their characters (MLK), then life would be pretty smooth. Of course, there would be some bumpy roads here and there, for the most part life would be a lot better.

See, many comic book fans fail to realize your idols errors because they screwed all of you over for their ignorance - yep, I'm ranting. Bare with me, indulge me for a moment or two.

Have any of you ever asked yourselves why Superman, Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Batman, Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), Spider-Man... why are they white? I'm being serious, give me a logical reason why they're white (besides they were created in the 60's)? It's fine that they're white because I never cared about it, I just loved the stories, costumes, powers, and the excitement of using my imagination!

The only reason why many of them are fair skin men and women is not JUST because the time they were created.

(re-write) No, it's because it's still going on in mainstream comics today... it's because the world you live in is somewhat Caucasian.

Have you ever noticed how writers go the extra mile into details when a particular superhero is black or any other ethnic background that doesn't represent the stereotype European Caucasian look, as soon as the white superhero comes in you jump to the story and people automatically expect the hero behind the mask to be a white person.


Before I continue with my rant watch this video from one of my favorite comic book writers/artist:

Todd McFarlane tells it like it is and I respect people like that. Seriously it's a freaking COMIC BOOK! One of my favorite comics were Milestone Comics because these were TRUE SUPERHERO COMICS! I mean goofy costumes, outrageous names, interesting stories, superheroes and villains from all ethnicities. There was never a dull moment reading Milestone.

This should be the feel of most comic books. I don't want everything to be "realistic" I want to have fun and read about some crazy out of this world events! I'm a big fan of both Marvel and DC but one thing my friend once said, "Justice League is cool and all but if I really wanted to see a whole team of white people in uniforms then I would go to the police station."

I understood his remark, it wasn't out of hate, depression or ignorance... he was being honest and shedding some light on the situation.

We have an alien from an entirely different planet, he ends up as a white dude which is funny. I understand the creators were white themselves and speak from their vantage point. I get this... to some degree.

I can't speak for everyone only myself and the people I know, we wanted an escape from reality as children so we got into action figures, cartoons, comics and all that good stuff now let's pretend it's 2013, we as comic book fans are getting so many of our favorite heroes and villains put on the big screen till one day there's a rumor about Michael B. Jordan playing Johnny Storm!

I remember my eyes lit up with excitement, I texted three of my friends that are huge F4 fans, they were excited too. I got on my laptop to see if anyone on Moviepilot made an article about this rumor, I couldn't wait to see my fellow comic book fans get excited about this new movie just like us, and I was terribly mistaken. I learned the harsh reality that human beings really need to grow up because when I read all those narrow minded, childish, pathetic, absurd, perhaps racist/prejudice comments it disgusted me.

It will always disgusts me and I will always look down on people who act like that, especially over a FICTIONAL CHARACTER. The whole point of this article is why get mad at something that many of you set yourselves up for - I could care less if Dr. Doom was a female even though that won't happen thanks to information about the film but it's not a big deal!

Watch the full video and focus on 4:54 when John Schnepp talks about the casting... he's a legit superhero fan just like me. (the movie will be fine)

I can't stress this enough and I feel bad for the people who complain about every change, this is only the beginning just wait. Only if white writers actually cared more about their charters development along with being more open minded about a diverse universe, then maybe we wouldn't see so many different ethnicities taking white superhero roles or females taking male roles. I know it's hard for many of you to grasp that a black man is a good actor, Josh Trank has mentioned numerous of times that him and Michael B. Jordan are close-good friends. One of my favorite horror films - Night Of The Living Dead has a black protagonist (Ben), originally the main character was white but the actor was so good during auditions that he got the part not because of PC! My best advice is hush, be happy that we get to see our superheroes come to life...

This video below is very important to watch - this man is a LEGEND! Dwayne McDuffie (look up his work) speaks on the realities of the Black writer in the comic book industry.

This video explains every single thing that I've been trying to tell mainstream comic book readers (white males)! We (black people) aren't trying to steal "your white characters" and last time I checked the characters are for everyone, while none of the white characters are justified by their skin color compared to minority superheroes that are. We all want to see our favorite superheroes look exactly like the comics, you guys need to realize if an actor is better than all the others and he happens to be black or not a fair skin individual of European descent, then it shouldn't be a BIG DEAL! It's still the same character - it doesn't make sense if you say "I'm not racist", "i'm not prejudice", "I don't care about skin color or race".

Then why the hell are you so worked up about a character being a different skin color? Not just that, it's obvious many readers have an issue with skin color because they'll mostly say "I' would be fine if Michael was playing the The Thing", pretty much they're saying "as long as I don't see his skin then we're good."

Not many people flipped out over Jamie Foxx playing Electro I wonder why....

If this article makes you feel some sort of negative or positive way, maybe you feel uncomfortable? That's wondeful to know because these topics need to be discussed.

Edit: There will be no Part 2 (laugh out loud) I realized all I'm doing is entertaining ignorant-fools. Keep your mind open and stay away from narrow minded people, it's 2014, I shouldn't have to make articles like this!


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