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Earl Roberts

I have nothing against any of these actors. That said, are they the right people to be doing this movie? Or is Fox putting in "beautiful people" just to out-do anything else that has been done so far?

For me, Miles Teller could be a young Reed Richards, and Kate Mara is promising based on what I have seen her in so far. Jamie Bell, was good in Defiance, the story of the Bielski Brothers who took refuge in the woods when Germany was extinguishing Jews. Not only were there the four brothers but they took in anyone they could and saved a whole lot of people. I haven't seen Chronicle, but I have heard the Michael B. Jordan was awesome in it. But are the movies going to show consistent timeline congruity or is this just let's make a movie, and make the big bucks in the process? I mean do we need a younger take on the FF?

"Hey let's throw these guys together, and see how bad we can piss off the people who have been reading the comics all these years, even though they are the ones who know the histories of these characters," is how I am reading this casting.

We are the ones who will actually pay attention to the details of our beloved characters. Like I have stated before the FF would need to be in there at least early to mid 30's to be working at NASA and other various high level organizations.

Not to mention, Jamie would have to workout like a madman to even be the right size for Ben Grimm. I just don't see it working, unless they do some major high level effects. Which would make the movie a financial disaster.

I would like to hear what my fellow fans think about this, I'm 41, and have been following comics and movies since I was a kid. I care about what gets put up there on the screen. I know a lot of the characters in both Marvel and DC lineups, and then again there are new ones I don't know a lot about yet. But given time I will.

So to all you, who are like me, shout it out!!!!!!!


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