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Early spring of last year Jeremy Campbell and crew held an online battle of the bands with the winner being featured on the “Velvet Vengeance” soundtrack. Bands from around the world submitted music to be judged by Johnny Solinger (Skid Row) and Richie Faulkner (Judas Priest). Johnny Solinger is of course married to Paula M Solinger who plays Lita in the film.

The judges narrowed the submissions down to 5 bands. Fans cast their vote on “Velvet Vengeance” Facebook Page for the band they liked best. The winner was UK’s Hex, a young rock band with an old school sound. Jeremy Campbell had this to say about the band’s music, “ Their music was such a perfect fit for the movie that we end up using 4 songs and their t-shirt.”

Now with “Velvet Vengeance” getting closer to release Hex have released a music video for ‘The Librarian’ from the film’s soundtrack. The video offers a throwback style from the 80’s that blended rock with horror promotion. Examples being Dokken ‘Dream Warriors’ from “A Nightmare On Elm Street 3”, Alice Cooper ‘Man Behind The Mask’ from “Friday The 13th Part 6” and 'Lazz Rocket ‘Leatherface’ from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3.” Check out the video for Hex ‘The Librarian’ below, and also feast on some movie stills afterward. Velvet Vengeance will be released this May through “Velvet Vengeance” stars Lindsay Norman, Jessica Ochs, Paula Marcenaro Solinger, Forrest Vickery, Amanda Marie, Laiken A. Thompson, Kevin A. Green, Elisa Castillo, Cody Hofmockel, Hollee McMurray and Carl “The Coach” Bailey.


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