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While researching for the Dr. Strange article I did last I decided to do this article on my choices for the Superheroes that should be in the Justice League movie for my Birthday Article. I am 47 years old today, Feb. 24. The following superheroes/actors are my choices for the league member/role and haven't officially been cast. The sole exception to this is Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. She is the only person on this list that is actually announced for the part on the Justice League IMDb page. My choice for WW if Gal Gadot hadn't been cast was Taylor Cole. Anyway, on with my League role call:

Superman (Clark Kent) - Since he has played the part for at least two movies DC may as well sign Henry Cavill up to play the Man of Steel in the Justice League movie. I am sure he would be awesome as always in the role.

Batman (Bruce Wayne) - We all know that Ben Affleck is set to play batman in at least one movie, so they may as well sign him up to play in the Justice League movie as well. I believe he will do a great job in the role, but don't wait too long though or he may decide to work strictly behind the camera.

Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) - As I stated at the beginning of this article Gal Gadot has already been announced for the Justice League movie many months ahead of schedule. We'll get a taste of her acting ability in the Wonder Woman role during her cameo or whatever in Batman vs Superman when it comes out. Hopefully she will nail it.

Green Lantern (John Stewart) - For the role of Hal Jourdan's backup GL I looked through about 200 African-American actors before settling on Aldis Hodge. He not only looks the part, but BOTH of his Parents were in the Marine Corps so he should have an easy time bringing John Stewart to life.

The Flash (Wally West) - After looking at the two pictures above I decided that Chris Pine is my choice for the Wally West Flash, just as Jensen Ackles is my Barry Allen Flash. We know he looks the part and from the Star Trek movies we know he can play the smart alack hero and do well in an ensemble cast, so let's give him a shot at playing Wally and see if he can nail it.

Martian Manhunter (John Jones) - While looking over those two hundred African-American actors that I had to choose from to pick the one I liked as John Stewart I came across Peter Mensah and I knew I had seen him or his likeness somewhere else. Then when I got to the picture of Martian Manhunter I knew that was where it was. I decided right then to cast him as Jon Jonzz so we can see if he a good fit for the role.

Aquaman (Arthur Curry) - This was a hard one for me because I want to have the Aquaman that has some stubble or a stash and beard if he is cast in the Justice League movie. As I stated earlier, Jensen Ackles is my first choice for Barry Allen, but if DC goes with Wally West as the flash then I would want Jensen to play the king of the seas.

There you have them folks, my choices for the Justice League movie coming out in 2017 according to Do you like my casting choices for the roles or should I pick different Characters or Actors to play the parts? as always comment below and follow me on [email protected] and on facebook at the entertainment writer.


What would you change in my Justice League lineup?


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