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The Age of the SuperHero is now!!!
Cyler Horsley

Now much has been talked about and speculated as to all things Spider-Man due to the soon to be released Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. I just want to take a time out and give a shout out to possibly a very underrated actor whose portrayal of a certain villain would be a great addition to the Amazing Spider-Man 3 cast of the sinister six.

First off just to get this out of the way, the likelihood of Venom returning seems more and more dismal at least right now in this interpretation of the Spider-man Franchise. The thought of beginning and ending with Carnage in terms of the Symbiote suites does not seem all that far fetched as we have seen from recent trailers that this Spider-Man universe wants to do everything that hold true to the Spiderman character with a few twists and turns.

Jim Carrey has a wide range of film and acting prowess of which we can witness varying aspects of his character. Now I know I will get a lot of hate mail for saying this but... his interpretation of characters such as the Riddler further pulls me to the idea that the character of Carnage has always been stewing about in the psyche that is Carrey!

Think about this combo for just a brief second.

First, Carrey as the Riddler showed us that yes... even when being comedic can still be sinister regardless of bad typecasting, scripting, etc. Without Carrey I believe that outing of Batman would have been even worse and more of a disaster then it was. He in my opinion, was the only good thing about that weird and drastic take after Burton's attempts at Batman.

Secondly, The Grinch whatever you might say to this? I say to the lesser think about it? Carnage is a man-beast, without these two elements Carnage dies. In The Grinch we saw that Carrey could play a pretty creepy beloved character and add his own perfect humor and sinister looks in a crazy costume. Such emotion must be even harder to catch as we all know that although CGI will be int he mix without a doubt, an actor that can portray the character using voice and his own physicality doubles the greatness of the effect on the audience buying into the fact that "hey this is a fake CGI character but, his emotions feel just as great as the physically real onscreen actors performances as well."

Finally, The number 23!!!

Now me personally I disliked this film at first, thought it was trying to hard to be something it was not and I still to this day think it was a terrible movie, but, Carrey's most underrated performance in a film hands down. He nailed the character that presents himself as the unbeknownst to himself lunatic. Evil is derived from people that what "evils" they are doing, in their own heart, seem good and true and 'The right thing to do'. Carnage inhabits the already sinister body of Cletus Kasady who in fact is so psychotic, has murdered innocents in pursuit of this false pretense of doing good.

With all of this put together, it assimilates to us an actor who is so dimensional in terms of how many characters he can play in one second is limitless and would provide a director a lot of freedom in terms of what he could utilize from Carrey to make this Fan Favorite into an awesome scary reality. Their have been many rumors as to Carrey being spotted on the set of TAS 2 and I hope it pans out to possibly set up this characters as maybe an after credits delight.

Forgot to mention a little role he played in Kick Ass 2. Watch the movie and everything I have cooked up here seems more sound.


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