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Way back in 1986, a snap was taken of Michael Jackson asleep in a hyperbaric chamber. The King of Pop planned on living to a ripe old age, and believed that locking himself in a sealed oxygen tank might help with that endeavor. Now, following in his footsteps, The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder has jumped on the beauty bandwagon and has publicized an image of himself from inside his very own hyperbaric tank.

"Running my lines before work in my hyperbaric chamber-as kitties lounge around breathing in precious oxygen escaping... Love this thing" the star wrote on Instagram. Check this out:

That is - quite literally - a breath of fresh air!

Medically speaking, these hyperbaric chambers are used to treat conditions such as the bends or carbon monoxide poisoning. As I doubt Ian is suffering from either of those, I can safely assume that his interest in the chamber has more to do with its ability to intensely oxygenate the body - have you ever peeked in the mirror after exercising? You may notice that your skin glows. Bathing your cells in oxygen-rich blood must be beneficial!

Now I'm left wondering, though, whether Ian's tank is responsible for his insane good looks? If so, I want me one of them!

Are you surprised by Ian’s weird hang out spot? Hit me up in the comments below!

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