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Not only is the amazing Kristen Stewart able to secure Robert Pattinson in the clutches of her love, act in all kinds of top Hollywood movies, and write the worst poetry known to man... It turns out the former Twilight thesp has also got some musical skills up her very grungy sleeves!

The 23-year-old star of Camp X-Ray is currently spending time in Nashville, Tennessee, directing a music video for her friend's band, Sage +The Saints. Busy girl!

As it happens, this music video project is not totally separate from Kristen's relationship with Rob, because the band's leader, Sage (pictured above), is a mutual friend of both KStew and RPattz.

Maybe Kristen thinks by showing Rob that she has some definite career goals that go beyond acting, he'll be impressed? Or perhaps, KStew is determined not to mope over the fact that she and Rob may never, ever, EVER get back together.(Let's hope not.) Either way, I can't wait to see the fruit of this girl's musical labor!

What about you? Do you think that Kristen will make a good music director?

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Should Kristen stick to acting?


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