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Christophe Gan's remake of the 1946 classic fairy tale Le Belle et le Bête (AKA The Beauty and the Beast) hasn't exactly been met with the critical acclaim of the original version. Indeed, currently the movie only stands at 24% on However, although the movie might not be impressing audiences, the concept art is still something to behold. Take a look at the beast in all his manely glory below:

Concept art by Patrick Tatopoulos:

Initial rough out by Steve Wang:

Hair and eye designs:

Proof of concept:

Beast reference head, design by Patrick Tatopoulos, sculpture and paint design by Steve Wang, hair by Denise Leibee Baer and eyes by Mike Pack:

What do you think? Will you still see The Beauty and the Beast despite the poor reviews? Let us know below.

Source: ComicBookMovie


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