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The Batman vs Superman movie has been generating controversy like no other - but might the batsuit be one thing the filmmakers are going to get right?

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A while back Kevin Smith, who has been shown the suit by director Zack Snyder, dropped some hints as to how the batsuit might look. He revealed

It didn’t look like any of the cinematic Batmans that have ever gone before...They’ll tell you when they want you to know, but any Batman fan is going to be F—ing pleased. I’m going to tell you that right now. They gave you the suit you all wanted to see.

A suit that everyone wanted to see but hasn't been seen in any Batman movie before? Some people are suggesting we could be seeing the traditional grey/blue suit from the comics, which was recently recreated as an exclusive bust by Forbidden Planet:

Could this be the style of the new batsuit?
Could this be the style of the new batsuit?

The grey-blue suit is iconic in the comics, but it hasn't been seen before on the big screen. It seems DC has been edging towards a more classic design for the movie and while nothing concrete has been announced, it wouldn't be surprising to see Affleck decked out in some variation of the blue-grey ensemble in Batman vs. Superman.

But what do you think? Could this classic batsuit work - or is this another sign (along with the casting of the somewhat tame Affleck) that this movie is going to have a lighter, less dark mood than we have seen Batman take on previously? Answer this question and ask any others below the line - and let us know your ideas about what makes the perfect Batsuit!


Which is the best ever Batsuit?


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