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Anne Parsons

Let's just say I don't relate to the phrase "creature comforts". Nothing freaks me out more than hairy, fast, rodent-like things, that can attach themselves to legs, or find their way into beds.

That's why I know I will be grossed out by the new horror flick, Field Freak, which is said to involve disgusting rabid beavers. Word has it, that there is a creature even more sinister involved in the story about an innocent writer, Charles (Dave Juehring) who comes to Beaver Pelt Falls for some peace and quiet with his family. The family are terrorized by what is only known as the Field Freak, and the new poster teases us with the possibility of what this might be.

The film stars Dave Juehring, Trena Penson, Glenn Harston, Thomas Ely Sage, and Tristan Coppola.

What do you think the Field Freak might be? Comment below!


Will you be grossed out by the FIELD FREAK?



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