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So...while the decision as to who owns the movie/TV rights to the DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS franchise is hung in court (the case will be heard March 25th), I have a suggestion that isn't quite like any of my 'old school' suggestions before. In fact, this is building off the controversial popularity and debatable talent of one PETER JACKSON.

That's right, you heard me. Fresh of his stint as director of THE HOBBIT, my suggestion is to pull Peter Jackson in to make the table top king of games epic again! I can think of no other person who has the feel and the draw for fantasy movies as Jackson. He has an epic eye for the cinematic, as well as, classic costuming. On top of that, he can bring the star power and class to the D&D franchise that it has been missing.

Everyone remembers the original D&D movie, right? ( I hear the sound of a million facepalms). And, since then, all we have gotten is made for SiFi channel movies. So, to me, our only hope is to bring Oscar winning power to the most loved table top game ever and make an epic that will live across the ages.

What do you think?


Is Peter Jackson or is he not a great choice to direct the next D&D movie?


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