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If the new trailer and poster for Gareth Edwards Godzilla reboot isn’t getting you amped to see the new incarnation of the King of the Monsters, the creatures just released new roar certainly will. There is an echo of all the great Godzilla roars but larger, longer, nastier. Half way through the roar amplifies and then drops into a queasy silence giving the hint of some thing more menacing to come. It plays as a mash-up of all prior Godzilla roars but still has an evolutionary quality to it. The roar is definitely beast. It still leaves goose bumps on my skin even after more than a half-dozen listens.

Check it out below and then listen to the compilation of Godzilla roars from 1954 to today created by ortboy just below it.

Legendary is encouraging fans to make the roar viral, remix it, homage it and video montage it in any way that their hearts desire.

We know you can’t wait for more Godzilla, and we’re excited to announce that the King of the Monster’s roar, in all its primal fury, has been unleashed!

Godzilla’s mighty battle cry is now yours to share and we can’t wait to see what you can do with it. If you have a cool idea of how to turn this audio clip into a remix, homage video or anything else you can come up with, share your creation using or tweet us at @legendary.


The next Godzilla trailer comes out Tuesday.

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