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SO, Who would win a fight between......
Lloyd Peyton

Seeing how we are in full swing of the comic book cinematic universe Wars, I had a thought about what could DC/WB do to get a leg up on Marvel? First thing that came to thought was Static Shock. And I don’t mean just the Static from the WB Kids Saturday morning cartoon, but Static from the Milestone Comics. Now, yes, I do understand that would be somewhat over-kill. I will be the first one to say “Chill out” with all the superhero movies, but I would be great to be able to see an African-American superhero other than the Superheroes of Color. We were teased with Young Justice with Icon, Static and Rocket. I’m not saying that DC/WB should just shove then into the ongoing universe per say, but I do believe that they do deserve their time in the sun.

I am an African-American man that grew up on Superman, Batman, Spiderman and etc. But the first African-American superhero that I was exposed to was Black Lighting. After that, I started doing my research on finding other superheroes of color. Yes, I know about Black Panther, Spawn and etc., but not too many from my beloved DC Comics. I am one of Dwayne McDuffie biggest fans. He showed that he had great stories to tell just with the Batman TAS. I think it would the greatest tribute of have the Milestone characters either on the big screen or the small, even if it’s just an animated movie/TV show. What do you guys think?


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