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Jonathan J Moya

The annual Lego parody of Best Picture Nominees has been a success, and the kids have walked off with their own parody Oscars– now it is time for for the more insane lampoons to receive their applause.

I find most of them quite clever.

Imagining 12 Years a Slave as a Harry Potter re-incantation does have some poignancy.

American Hustle did seem to have that reto-Futurama vibe going on.

I always thought Nebraska had a little Breaking Bad buried deep in the back story of Woody’s life.

Her can be seen as the ultimate narcissist superhero extravaganza featuring the ultimate meshing of hardware, software and human in Iron Man/Tony Stark/Robert Downy Jr – pick the poseur you wish to be.

If Captain Reynolds had the ship that Malcolm Reynolds had in Firefly the hijacking would never have occurred.

Hmm, that Matthew McConaughey poster does look like an early Walking Dead promo sheet.

The Philomena parody is probably a little too recherche for those who haven’t seen Sunny in Philadelphia.

And as for the Wolf of Wall Street, everyone knows that the Enterprise was just a Federation party ship.

You can’t have Gravity without a Grau (from Despicable Me) in there.

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