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Nicolas Carmona

And by siblings I obviously mean Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver,

Now with this image, many people are theorizing this will be our Scarlett Witch. I hate their looks, I am sure they could be great characters, even for the very brief screen-time they will have but from first glances I really dislike this. They are supposed to be twins, there is a big age difference here (unless she uses her powers to make herself look younger); also I always see Quicksilver as this strong, maybe some times anger driven, character and it could be Even’s typical look (or previous work) but that is not something I get from this look.

Opposite to that I see this image by Trask, so simple yet it tells you so much. I have a feeling this is going to be a very complex character and also a very interesting one; something that Peter is marvelous at pulling off. The closer we get to this movie the more excited I get, except that I kind of lose hope for Magneto’s kids, but they will be such a small role in the movie that I think it won’t affect much the quality of the overall movie, something that from every glimpse we get it looks like it will be very epic and awesome.


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