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Ian Somerhalder has been bowled over with grief after the death of a Vampire Diaries co-worker.

Sarah Jones, a longstanding crew member on the hit TV show, was tragically killed in a train accident on the set of the Greg Allman biopic Midnight Rider last week.

Somerhalder said that Jones (age 27) was like a sister to him on the set of The Vampire Diaries and went on to express his sadness that she lost her life at such a tragically young age.

I might joke about Somerhalder's overtly sappy Tweets sometimes, but this message really touched me. It is refreshing to see the star of a show taking the time to acknowledge how a crew member touched his heart during their time working together.

I am sure Sarah Jones' family would be able to take some comfort from the stars kind words and know that she was truly appreciated for her work, and her personality.

Ian Somerhalder does really seem like a caring and genuine guy, which is reassuring in the age of Bieber and LeBeouf smearing their selfish egos all over the shop.

Do you guys think that Somerhalder is one of the most kind-hearted celebrities out there?


Is Ian Somerhalder the most kind-hearted star in Hollywood

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