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Dredd fans shouldn't start planning the street parties just yet, but there are signs a Dredd sequel could be on the way.

At the recent Las Vegas Star Trek convention, Karl Urban explained that "conversations were taking place" regarding a possible sequel to 2012's Dredd.

Dredd performed poorly at the box office following its release, however it soon racked up healthy amounts of dough on the home release market to the extent you could quite rightly define it as a cult hit. Indeed, the comic-book adaptations the movie spawned have sold like hot cakes, so much so, they required a second pressing.

Of course, having 'conversations' in Hollywood doesn't mean much, but it at least shows that studio executives are willing to even consider a Dredd 2. Although Dredd may have flopped in theaters, there's very good reason to suggest a cautious sequel with a lower budget could bring home some serious bucks.

What do you think? Does Dredd need a sequel? Or were you disappointed with Karl Urban's reboot? Drop us a message below.

Source: WhatCulture (via ComicBookMovie).


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