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One night, something just came into our house like a tornado — a blur. Somewhere inside the blur, I saw a person. My dad went to fight it. I went to get him, when suddenly I was 20 blocks away from our house.

As revealed in Barry Allen (Grant Gustin)'s Arrow cameo, his mother was killed and his father imprisoned after a man broke into their house in a blur, ripped down a door and left Barry not knowing why he was stranded 20 blocks away. The murder was blamed on Barry's father and haunted the future Flash all his life.

Well now it has been revealed that Barry's mother will actually appear in the upcoming CW series The Flash, and she will be played by Michelle Harrison.

This follows the previous casting news to come out of his series, which was that John Wesley Shipp had been cast in an unknown role. As Shipp had previously played The Flash in the 90s TV show, it had been speculated that he might play Jay Garrick, the Flash that preceded Allen.

But now, with Allen's story being linked with this mysterious villain who moves like a tornado and appears in a blur - could Shipp in fact be playing Professor Zoom? And for Flash's tragedy not to be the death of Iris, as in the original comics, but of his mother?

This is only speculation for now, but get involved below and let us know your thoughts. Would Shipp as Zoom be something you would like to see? And is that who you think killed Barry Allen's mother?

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Will John Wesley Shipp play Professor Zoom?


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