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Batten down the hatches, for the gargantuan vision of Darren Aronofsky's forthcoming biblical epic Noah has been further revealed in this new international trailer. The subversive 'biblical tale' has already seen Aronofsky fighting for his version of the final cut, not to mention the 'Variety story about "faith-driven" audiences that was refuted by Paramount'.

Noah draws on the legendary biblical tale, which sees the titular character experiencing grave premonitions of an apocalyptic deluge, so in order to escape the doom, 'he takes measures to protect his family'. It seems that Aronofsky is on fine form as always and has returned to an epic which addresses the more overt theological themes following Black Swan; which was more of a study of one character's psyche.

Noah will be led by Russell Crowe and supported by Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins, and Emma Watson.

Watch the new trailer below and see what you make of this controversial religious tale:

Will you be first in line to see Noah?

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