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Sam Worthington lost his temper in New York yesterday and was arrested for unleashing his full fury on a photographer's face.

The Avatar star was enjoying a colorful evening out at the popular West Village gay bar, The Cubbyhole, before an antagonistic paparazzo got his blood boiling, and his fists flying.

Sam Worthington pictured at the scene.
Sam Worthington pictured at the scene.

It is thought that Worthington retaliated after the photographer kicked his 'wife', 26-year-old Lara Bingle, in the shin. The incident was observed by several eyewitnesses and the New York Police Department Lieutenant, John Grimpel confirmed to the press that;

It (the altercation) happened at 5.30pm this evening. The photographer kicked Lara and then Worthington punched him causing the photographer to have lacerations to his nose. He has been charged with assault

The photographer, Sheng Li was also arrested on charges of

assault, reckless endangerment and harassment

Predictably, witnesses of Worthington's paparazzi beatdown were eager to share their experiences on the Twittersphere, and it seems that Lara Bingle was also involved in the altercation:

As if the A-list scuffle wasn't tantalizing enough, Worthington's choice of language has set the internet abuzz with rumors of a secret wedding.

Although the pair haven't been together for too long, there is debate over whether Worthington and Bingle recently tied the knot under a cloak of secrecy in Western Australia before a romantic trip to the Maldives.

A friend of Bingle told The Mail Online that;

He would have been speaking figuratively. They are definitely not married, as far as I know

Although the matching bands on their wedding fingers say otherwise...

Worthington and Binkle earlier this week
Worthington and Binkle earlier this week

Married or not, I can totally understand why the Sabotage star went spare and smacked the aggressive pap upside the head. The paparazzi will stop at nothing to snap the incredibly valuable images they need to fuel their career and tales of them using excessive force seem to be more and more common.

Although fighting violence with violence is clearly not a sensible option, it must be easy to lose your cool in the crowd when somebody is violating your partner's personal space, and right to safety for their own financial gain.

Do you think that Sam Worthington deserves to face charges, or does the paparazzo deserve all he got?


Was Sam Worthington's attack on the paparazzi justified?

(Source: BBC and The Telegraph)

(Images: Esquire, Pop Sugar via Instagram, The Daily Mail via FameFlynet)


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