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Being the Governor of California is probably a pretty stressful job, luckily Arnie's return to high octane action movies means there's a lot of stress-busting gun-shooting on the cards.

In a new clip for Sabotage, Arnold Schwarzenegger grabs a shotgun and heads into a drug-den to kill some ambiguous bad guys with extreme prejudice. Check out the new clip below:

If that's whetted your appetite for more police-brutality then why not also check out the recently released red-band trailer?

Sabotage sees Arnie as a DEA agent who faces up against a deadly cartel after a bag of cash from a drugs bust goes missing in mysterious circumstances. Cue lots of gun fights in various exciting locales. Sabotage assaults theaters on March 28th.

What do you think? Can Arnie reclaim his former action glory?

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Can Arnie becomes an action star again?


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