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Marvel are really pushing out the boat in marketing their Marvel One-Shot movie, All Hail The King. Whereas previous One-Shots have been relatively insignificant additions to Blu-Ray releases of their feature films, it seems All Hail The King is almost being marketed even more than the Thor: The Dark World Blu-Ray it appears on.

Take for example the new poster for the short. Marvel One-Shots have a habit of releasing rather stylish and original pieces of poster art for their shorts, which is a welcome change from the rather generic and formulaic Marvel feature movie posters. Check it out below:

All Hail The King see's Trevor Slattery (Ben Kingsley) in prison following his impersonation of The Mandarin in Iron Man 3. Although most One-Shots are simply nice little additions to the MCU, it looks like All Hail The King could actually play a pivotal role in future Marvel movies, including the possible Iron Man 4.

Writer/director Drew Pierce has already hinted that the real Mandarin does exist in the MCU and that he might make an appearance following Slattery's little escapade. Whether or not this will be in Iron Man 4 is open to speculation. Currently, the movie occupies a penumbra of uncertainty. It is still yet to be officially confirmed by Marvel, although last year Kevin Feige did suggest the franchise would be continuing, although perhaps without Robert Downey Jr. He said:

I believe there will be a fourth Iron Man installment. Even a fifth and sixth and a 10th and 20th. I don't see any reason why Tony Stark cannot be as evergreen as James Bond... So there will absolutely be future Iron Mans and future Tony Starks. Who makes the movies, when those movies are made, who knows? I do not know.

With that in mind, perhaps we'll only get another Iron Man movie once Downey Jr.'s contact with The Avengers 2 and 3 has ended, therefore allowing them to reboot the franchise with a new Iron Man. It would certainly disrupt the MCU somewhat, but I doubt Marvel want to kill the Iron Man cash-cow just yet.

What do you think? Does All The Hail The King give you faith in an Iron Man 4? Let us know below.


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