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Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), who works as a masseuse, is a divorced mother of a girl who is about to leave the house for studies. At a party, of a friend, she met Albert (James Gandolfini), a sweet, charming man, who is also divorced and has a daughter about to leave for studies, with whom she had an instant connection. At the same party, Eva met an interesting woman, Marianne (Catherine Keener), who became her massage client and friend. As her friendship with Marianne started growing her feelings for Albert grew, too. Marianne though, constantly bashed her ex husband which effected Eva in the way she sees Albert.

To be honest, I wanted to watch this movie because it was the last one with James Gandolfini. It’s much more than that, though. Don’t get me wrong, Gandolfini is brilliant in this movie. He demonstrated that he really can act in roles that are more than playing a mobster, like we are used to seeing him in his previous movies and The Sopranos. He really persuades us that he is a sweet, funny, gentle guy. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is also good in a more romantic/dramatic role, unlike what we are used to seeing her on Seinfeld. It’s hard, though, to separate her from the character of Elaine Benis. Watching the movie I thought she was about to yell annoyed “Maybe the dingo ate your baby!”

The movie, overall, was really pleasant. It gets its point across without being corny. It’s not a stereotypical chick flick for sure. The technical parts of the movie were decent but unworthy of mention. Regardless, a type of movie like this doesn’t need impressive cinematography and original direction. A great cast, realistic dialogs and a nice story is enough for its kind.

Why To Watch It

1.Because you want to see a romantic movie that is not a stereotypical chick-flick.

2.Because it’s a movie that men can enjoy too.

3.It’s James Gandolfini’s last movie and he is great in it.

4.You want to see James Gandolfini in a role where he doesn’t smash heads.

Why To Not Watch it

1.You are so attached to the character of Tony Soprano that you are not willing to see James Gandolfini in an any other type of role.

2.You are allergic to anything romantic, even if it’s not feminine and cliche.



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