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The new trailer for the King of Monsters was just recently released. The run time of the trailer is two minutes and 33 seconds. Within that time period we see the destruction Godzilla and the other monster (I can sense an epic fight scene already!). Along with a better look at Godzilla, in water and on land (Awesome right?).

We also find out about how Godzilla came to be and they add a unique twist to history with it. Which pulled me in even more. I really think this movie will be great. I am pumped for the film and can't wait to see The King of Monsters back on the silver screen with a hopefully better turn out then the 98' version.

In previous articles I have written on Moviepilot about the film, I have asked about his atomic breath/beam. It has been confirmed that it will appear in the film. For the sequel they are planning, Destroy All Monsters. Are we going to see a sneak peak of King Ghidorah landing on Earth or something that would resemble the Kilaakiansor their ship? An even better idea Godzilla's son, Minilla, appears in the end of the film hatching on Monster Island? Any of those would really be cool to see in the post credits for the fans to "geek" out about and prepare for the next for the next film.

Please comment if you have anything to add about the film. Leave insults out if you must debate something, I am willing to argue any point.


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