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I love the Superhero genre, I'm an avid moviegoer, and I love to voice my opinion on movies. I hope you enjoy my writing!
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Hello ladies and gentlemen of the Moviepilot fan base, my name is Roman and I'm here to bring YOU my very first article.

Just to give you all a little bit of insight to who I'am as an avid moviegoer, I'm here to tell you that I LOVE movies, literally LOVE them. The superhero genre is my favorite genre, Batman is my favorite superhero. I thoroughly enjoy the movie going experience, the atmosphere of a movie theater, and last but definitely not least... I love stirring up debates for my readers to discuss in the comment section down below.

Without dragging this intro on too long, here it is - my top five favorite superhero films.

Keep in mind this list is for solo Superhero films only, therefore, movies such as The Avengers and the X-Men Trilogy will not be included.

5. Spider-man (2002)

As a big Spider-man fan since eight years-old, I was beyond excited to see this movie. I always wanted to be Spider-man as a child and I was hoping this movie would exceed my expectations, it did. Even at the age of 17 years-old right now, every time I see this movie on television, I sit back, relax, and enjoy this movie. It was (in my opinion) Sam Raimi's best Spider-man film, Spider-man 2 was good, but I just didn't enjoy it as much as I did Spider-man. I thought Tobey Maguire gave his best performance out of the three Raimi Spider-man films and Willem Dafoe was an awesome Norman Osborn/Green Goblin. Maguire really captured the essence of what it's like being Peter Parker/Spider-man and hiding his identity from the ones he loves. Although I do prefer Andrew Garfield as Peter and Spider-man, Maguire did a fine job as Spider-man in the original. Dafoe, in my eyes, almost stole the show, he played Green Goblin and Norman Osborn almost to near perfection, he did an amazing job of capturing the craziness of Green Goblin and did just as good of a job capturing Norman's personality; being too busy for his son Harry and always pushing him aside for other "important business."

4. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Yeah, I'll admit it, I loved this movie A LOT more than others, why? Well, I thought Tom Hardy did a great job as Bane, Christian Bale didn't disappoint as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Anne Hathaway surprised as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, and Gary Oldman performed great as Commissioner Gordon once again. Although I firmly believe Christopher Nolan made a huge mistake by not putting enough Batman in the film, it still didn't take away from the experience I had watching this movie. I thought David Goyer did a fine job writing the story for this movie, I don't understand where people see the plot holes, I don't understand why people use time jumps as an excuse, and I don't get why no one understands the direction this movie took. I did not notice any plot holes, the time jumps were explained, and the direction of the movie was to show the connection to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises. I want to keep this spoiler free, so for the people that have not seen this movie won't get upset. Tom Hardy did a great job as a grounded in reality Bane, by inputting fear into any character by just using his eyes, sitting in the theater I thought to myself, "wow, I really would not want to mess with that guy." I thought the movie as a whole felt a little too dragged out at some points and it took me out of the film for a bit, but other than that, as a huge Batman fan, I loved this movie. The fight scenes between Bane and Batman were the best scenes in the movie and this movie gave Batman the ending he deserved.

3. Thor: The Dark World (2013)

People hated this movie? I LOVED this movie. My expectations coming into this movie were low, only because people I had talked to had said that this movie was really bad and that they don't understand the story. Now, someone like me who notices something in a movie that some others don't made me thoroughly enjoy this movie from start to finish. Everyone had said that Malekith was a dumbed down villain and they didn't understand his purpose for wreaking havoc, did you not watch the first 10 minutes of the movie? Tom Hiddleston did a PHENOMENAL job as Loki, he delivered his lines with pure perfection and darn near almost stole the show from Chris Hemsworth. Chris did a better job in this movie than Avengers and Thor, by really showing us how Thor feels about Earth and his father, Odin. One thing that I could take away from this film would be that, they didn't use Lady Sif enough, all of her scenes were excellent and Jaimie Alexander did an amazing job of executing how Sif feels towards Jane Foster, Thor's love interest. The thing about this movie that I love the most is all the twists, turns, and pure excitement that director Alan Taylor brings to the table, there was great action throughout, the escape from Asgard scene was awesome, and the final battle between Malekith and Thor was...well...badass. After seeing this film, Thor instantly became one of my favorite superheroes and I'm super pumped to see him in Avengers 2 and Thor 3.

2. Man of Steel (2013)

I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Did you catch that? I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Yeah, I'll admit it, this is hands down one of my favorite movies of all-time, and hands down the best superhero movie of last year. Do you want to know why I loved this movie? Do you want to know how you can love this movie? Before watching this movie, clear your mind of all things Superman, tell yourself, I don't know who Superman is, I don't know Superman's origin story, I don't know who Clark Kent is, and I don't know what the Daily Planet is. That's what I did before going to the midnight premiere of MoS, I was a huge Superman fan and this movie got bashed like no other. So I ignored what everyone said and decided to go in with an open mind without Superman. What happened? I ended up loving this movie, I wished the movie had never ended, and I wished that MoS 2 came out the next day. Besides my love for this movie, I thought Henry Cavill played Superman/Clark Kent perfectly, I thought Michael Shannon, General Zod, gave one of the best villain performances of all-time, and I thought the movie was paced perfectly. They decided to tell Clark's backstory through flashbacks, by only giving you the important parts to Clark's childhood and by showing you the struggles that he went through. My least favorite part of this movie was Amy Adams as Lois Lane, she's good looking, but most of her lines and scenes were kinda cheesy, but that still does not take away how much I loved this movie. I thought that the action scenes were, INCREDIBLE, Faora, Zod's right hand woman was one of the best parts of the movie, and the story of how Superman came to be was outstanding. You may have hated this movie, but I guarantee if you give this movie a chance, like I did, you'll love it.

1. The Dark Knight (2008)

No this movie is not number one on my list because Batman is my favorite superhero, this movie is number one on my list because each actor or actress gave a performance to remember and ended up creating my favorite superhero film of all-time. Recently I had watched this movie and I cannot get enough of this movie, I enjoy it more and more each viewing. TDK was definitely the best of Nolan's trilogy, he really captured the feel of Gotham and the rough times the city goes through with politics and villains causing complete havoc throughout the city. Heath Ledger gave the BEST villain performance of all-time, and it will be very difficult to beat, Ledger gave me a performance to remember and many others due to the fact that he absolutely nailed who the Joker is and what the Joker's intentions are. Ledger showed how chaotic the Joker can be, by turning the city against each other over one man, the Batman. Nolan really captured Batman/Bruce Wayne's detective work in this film by showing how knowledgable Wayne really is, and how Batman's gadgets come into play when fighting crime. If there is one thing I could add to this movie, it would be giving Two-Face more screen time, every scene that Two-Face was in was fantastic, from the dialogue between Two-Face and Joker, and the closing scene between Two-Face and Jim Gordon. That very tiny flaw does not take away the fact that this is hands down my favorite superhero film and one of my top five favorite movies of all-time. If I could watch one movie for one week straight, it would be this film.

To wrap things up, I hope you all enjoyed my very first article on, if you could give me as much feedback as possible that would be fantastic.

What can I fix? What shouldn't I fix? What are your Top Five Superhero Films?

Feel free to give your opinion whenever you please, I will highly respect your opinion, as should others.

Thank you for the read, I hope you all enjoyed, have a great day.


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