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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

These vibrant mind-boggling photographs are the work of the Cullman-based photographer Dennis Calvert.

Dennis created these unearthly images without the aid of digital manipulation. He is fascinated by light, because according to him..

"Light is the primary factor in our ability to interpret and define the universe."

Thus, by capturing and manipulating light, Dennis feels that he is able to bend the rules of space and time.

"Time is no longer linear." - Dennis Calvert.

What's so fascinating about all these images is that he brings the superhero image to life with practical-gorgeous effects!

All of Dennis's light paintings are straight out of the camera with NO digital manipulation whatsoever. The effects are all created in camera during the exposure. - via Dennis Calvert's website

Below: Calvert's subjects appear as eclectic group of heroes and villains, complete with the same authentic style we have come to expect from a very well-executed graphic novel! Dennis Calvert's images are *gasp* inspiring and engrossing...

If you want to checkout more of Dennis Calvert's work, click the links below:


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