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Over the last 10-15 years, we moviegoers have seen a boom in the film industry as comic book movies have been presented to us almost every year. While some have been great and some have been bad, we have continued to throw our money at these films no matter the outcome. But as we "Marvel" (no pun intended) at these superhero movies, we don't quite realize that we may be killing creativity in the film industry in the process.

Probably the biggest reason that these comic book movies are so huge right now is because computer technology is so advanced today that you can make almost anything look real. The Hulk is probably one of the best examples. Back in the 70's and 80's we had to have a bodybuilder in green paint play the green beast, but as the years have progressed, we have seen Bruce Banner's "other side" evolve in technological quality. We have films such as The Avengers that put some of our favorite superheroes together to make our dreams come true.

Because of the possibilities of what we are able to do on film now, pretty much no superhero is impossible to make a movie about. But the more comic book movies they give us, the less we see of more unique movies. Almost every movie we see nowadays is based on some kind of written text. Few mainstream movies have scripts derived straight from the brain of the writer(s). The increased popularity of these movies is pushing creativity out and pulling in adaptations. It is also worth saying that most movies made these day are some sort of adaptation of some book, comic book, video game, short story, or even true story, but I am focusing specifically on comic book movies because they have been hollywood's biggest cash cow of late.

Now before you attack me, saying I'm just some hipster hater, let me just say that I totally geek out for almost all the comic book movies that have come out. I'm a real nerd about some of this stuff, especially Batman (favorite superhero BY FAR since I was a little kid). I am simply being the devil's advocate saying that movies like these are hindering creativity in Hollywood.

Fortunately, we still have directors like Christopher Nolan who have the ability to give us the best of both worlds. He brought us The Dark Knight Trilogy, which is one of the greatest stories ever told on film (I'll admit Rises fell short, but I still loved it). But Nolan also graced us with films such as Memento and Inception. These movies are the epitome of creativity in film, both in the way they were filmed as well as the stories that were told. We need more directors like Nolan who can dip their toes in both pools and come out successful.

So there you have it. My little rant on film. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Any feedback or arguments are welcomed, just don't be too mean!


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