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Norman Reedus is pretty much the coolest and most down-to-earth guy on the planet, but in case you were in any doubt as to his awesomeness, check out these photos of him getting a body scan for McFarlane Toys.

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Reedus turned up at the toy manufacturer to get scanned for his action figure, allowing them to "capture both intense close-ups of his face as well as getting full composite maps of his body…all while he is doing his posing and acting.”

Action-Man Daryl!
Action-Man Daryl!
Norman is the man!
Norman is the man!

Reedus confirmed his "best person in the world" credentials by also being super-enthusiastic about the project, as McFarlane explained:

We have been able to scan dozens and dozens of celebrities over the years to convert them into toys, but I must say that Norman has been one of the most enthusiastic ones yet. It really helps when the actors are into the process too.

Here's a look at the completed action figure:

Toys are cool. Fact.
Toys are cool. Fact.

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