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Ghostbusters 3 will go ahead - although the script is expected to be tweaked - following the tragic death of the legendary comedy writer and actor Harold Ramis.

This will be one of the first Ghostbusters projects not to have been worked on by Ramis, although he had been expected to make a cameo appearance.

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Filming will take place in 2015, so the project is still some way off. A third Ghostbusters film has been talked about for some time, and was reportedly held up by the refusal of Bill Murray to sign on, but everything finally seemed to be in place before news of Ramis' death broke.

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With Jonah Hill and Emma Stone rumored to star, the film would have introduced a new younger Ghost-fighting crew, with only a cameo appearance for the original team.

Whether Ramis' death means the original Ghostbusters will no longer appear, or they will appear without him, remains unclear.

But what do you think? Should the original team appear in the new movie, even without Ramis? Or do you think it would show more respect for them to keep clear? And are Jonah Hill and Emma Stone a good fit to the new generation?

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Should the original Ghostbusters appear in the new movie, even without Ramis?


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