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With the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier creeping closer and closer, the cast has teamed up with Skype to deliver an interesting opportunity to engage with their fan-base.

Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie caught up with Skype to post up two small videos outlining the initiative. In one, Evans asks fans to submit video messages telling the story of an everyday real hero in their life. One hero will then be selected and saluted by the Captain America 2 cast.

In the second video, Anthony Mackie (AKA The Falcon) provides fans with the opportunity to ask whatever they want to the Captain America: The Winter Soldier cast. In order to do this they have to engage in some serious narcissism and explain why they think they are the 'best of the best'. One fan will then get the opportunity to ask their question. Check out the videos below:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier makes its way into theaters on April 4th.

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If you could ask one question to the cast, what would it be? Let us know below.


Do you really believe Captain America 2 will be the best superhero movie ever?


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