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Filming for the ultra-sexy Fifty Shades of Grey has finally wrapped, with sextastic stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson having conquered not just each other, but also E.L. James' fan fiction inspired by The Twilight Saga.

Samantha Taylor-Johnson OBE, known professionally as Sam Taylor-Wood - wife of Kick Ass star Aaron Taylor-Johnson - signed on to direct the saucy adaptation (oh yes, she is 100 per cent going there, apparently!) and now all we have to do is sit back, perhaps handcuff ourselves to the armchair, and wait for the movie's February 13, 2015, release.

But, given that we've got some time to think about whether Sam Taylor-Wood's erotic adaptation will have the perfect balance of sweetness and smut, explicitness and elegance, crudeness and coyness, I wonder what Fifty Shades would have turned out like, if someone else had been chosen to direct.

Well, one of the frontrunners to direct was Milk and Good Will Hunting helmer Gus Van Sant who, apparently, considered directing the erotic adaptation. But according to a new interview, it looks like he had absolutely no idea what the movie would have been about! He revealed:

I had no idea what that was, except Matt (Damon) said: 'So do you just have to go shoot it and you'll make a billion dollars?' And I was like 'Oh so it's a blockbuster book that I don't know about', which was interesting, and that night even though I had never read it and didn't know the story I told James that I was interested in directing it at dinner.

Huh! Never afraid to tackle challenging and controversial subject matter, Van Sant could potentially have brought a very different version of Fifty Shades of Grey to screens in 2015. That said, Van Sant would probably have been hesitant to make a teen friendly version of the story and would have explored the dark heart of Christian Grey's sexuality and his wicked ways in the bedroom to the full.

Either way, I have a good feeling that we're in for some seriously steamy on-screen lovin'. Hubba-hubba. Are you excited for Sam Taylor-Wood's Fifty Shades of Grey?


Will you see Fifty Shades of Grey when it arrives in theaters?

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