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Being a young actress in Hollywood can be a scary thing, but Sarah Michelle Gellar has made it a lot easier for fellow vampiress Zoey Deutch.

The 19-year-old actress has been in the spotlight ever since the release of Vampire Academy earlier this month, where she played dhampir (half human, half vamp) Rose Hathaway in the Harry-Potter-meets-Mean-Girls movie. Most recently, Deutch has been talking about her love of playing a strong female heroine and how she's thrilled to get the approval of ultimate TV vampire, Buffy actress Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Sarah posted a picture on Twitter of her next to a stand-up poster of Deutch. Check this out:

Deutch, the sexy supernatural warrior, was so overwhelmed with Buffy's (ahem - I mean Sarah's) support, that she gushed about "the seal of approval from the master of vampire slaying... It was the passing on of the stake, if you will."

Doesn't that just drive a stake through your heart with its cuteness!?

Like Gellar, Deutch said she was looking forward to starring in more female-led action movies. Anyone who's seen Vampire Academy probably agrees with me that this is DEFINITELY a good thing. And I'm pretty sure Buffy will give Zoey her blessing, too!

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(Source: Daily Mail)