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The world is full of comedy legends. The likes of Will Ferrell, Jim Carey and so on. Sure these guys are hilarious and everybody knows it, but there are a large collection of hilarious actors that just aren't appreciated enough and I cant wrap my head around why that's the case... I've decided to compile a list on 5 actors that I feel aren't spoken of enough and constantly make us (me anyway) laugh. Lets start.

Charlie Day

Some may know the high-pitched Charlie Day from his hit show Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He has starred in the star-studded Horrible Bosses where he stole the show for me. He has signed on to do a second also. As well as Horrible Bosses, he has also starred in Monsters University (as Art) and more recently, The Lego Movie as the Benny. His voice is what makes him so funny and anytime he goes on a rant I cry with laughter. I feel he isn't appreciated enough!

Chris O'Dowd

Irish born (like myself) Chris O'Dowd is a relatively new face in Hollywood. He starred in Bridesmaids and has also been the main character in the show Moone Boy. Anything Chris has starred in has been hilarious. He's currently on Broadway with James Franco. Recently (in Thor 2) Chris made a very funny cameo that I for one really enjoyed.

Paul Rudd

A man of many faces and voices, Paul Rudd is one of the funniest men around. He's not quite appreciated as much as his friends Steve Carrell and Will Ferrell despite being part of their pact in Anchorman. Personally he's my favorite comedy actor and I just feel he doesn't get the credit he deserves! He'll become a lot more popular when Ant-Man is out as he is set to play the comedic superhero.

Leslie Nielson

50% of people who see that choice will say "Leslie Nielson under appreciated, are you crazy! the guy's a legend!!" and yes, you are correct. But I can also guarantee that the other 50% wont know who he is... sadly. The man is a legend and can never be forgotten about for films like The Naked Gun and Airplane.

Ty Burrell

I watch a lot of sit-coms and comedies and I have to say that Ty Burrell's character, Phil makes me laugh more than anybody else on TV. From his Philsophicies to the other many Phil-puns, he never disappoints as one of the lead stars in the hit comedy Modern Family. One thing I do wish is that he was in more films. His new film Mr Peabody and Sherman is in cinemas at the moment and he will also be in the Muppets 2. I would honestly prefer if he took a real go at a comedy focused on him for an older audience.

What do you guys think? Is there anybody you'd add to the list who you feel is under appreciated? Comment and start a discussion!


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