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Yeah, that's right. I said Batfleck is perfect for DC's newly established universe. When Ben Affleck was announced as the new Bruce Wayne/Batman, the internet went berserk. Yes, he did partake in one of the worst comic book adaptations ever in Daredevil, and was also in some pretty terrible movies in the early 2000's. But for those of you who haven't been paying attention, Affleck has bounced back a little bit. The dude is at the top of his game, and is now considered one of Hollywood's elite talents. So keeping that in mind, the Batfleck backlash doesn't really make a lot of sense. But I'm not here to talk about Ben Affleck. This is about Batman.

When we were given the brief characterization of this new imagining of Batman, we learned that he would be more world-weary, experienced, and has been an established hero for a while (Nightwing rumors suggest Bats has been in the game for around 10 or so years).

This fits in perfectly with our new Superman

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

Our new Superman is in his "year one" stage, as seen in MoS. He is in his early 30's so he's not exactly a kid, but what he is, is an inexperienced hero. Many criticisms of Man of Steel were that Superman acted completely out of character, accidentally destroying half of Metropolis while fighting Zod, then later snapping his neck. Well, first off, by the time Zod threatened Earth, Superman had only just got his suit and learned most of his powers. He had never before been in a position to save the world, as he spent most of his life keeping a low profile. It was only when everything he loved was threatened that it became appropriate to reveal himself to the world.

When it was finally just Zod vs. Supes, Zod was pretty much bent on destruction of the entire planet after his entire purpose in life was rendered obsolete. Superman couldn't just beat him up and put him in jail. So when he finally had Zod in that fateful headlock, it is safe to say that his mind was racing as to where to go from there. Zod wasn't ever going to stop, and he was inches from murdering Superman's adopted people in front of his eyes. What would you do? Not having his mind conditioned to be able to handle situations like this, the only plausible option was to end it once and for all, and kill Zod.

The effect of this action will most likely be heavily explored in MoS2/BatmanVs.Superman/JusticeLeague. Most viewers had to be shocked when Superman killed Zod because it is pretty well-known that like Batman, he doesn't kill. But the beauty of this movie was that he wasn't the Superman we know and love YET, but only a Man of Steel protecting us.

This makes Batfleck's Batman ideal

Early concept art for Ben Affleck as Batman
Early concept art for Ben Affleck as Batman

Given that Batman is going to be an experienced crime-fighter, when him and Superman do finally work together (will they fight, OR NAH?), Batman is there to guide this new kid on the block. This new Batman will no doubt be different from the one we saw in Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. In the Nolanverse, we saw Batman in his year one stage in Begins. Then Batman in his year 2 or 3 stage in Dark Knight, then later Batman in his semi-retired stage in Rises. But we have never seen Batman in a well-seasoned stage, like we have in, say the Arkham games. We have never seen this Batman on screen though. This is what I'm most excited about. Maybe there will be subtle references to villains he has already defeated, or allies he already has (Nightwing or Gordon perhaps?). Anyways, this is where we get to see Batman in the most dangerous stage of his career. He has seen it all, and is prepared for just about anything.

The rumors of Bat drones are also intriguing. Is Batman spying on Supes? I wonder where those will come into play if that rumor was in fact true. Because Superman is as powerful as he is, we will probably see Batman subtly watching and studying Superman's every move and tendency (just in case). Batman is the paranoid genius we know and love, and this will probably be explored in his scenes as he decides how to deal with Superman. Batman's primary goal will probably be to make sure Superman isn't ever going to turn on humanity.

Whether or not Batman and Superman (and Wonder Woman) will face a villain other than Lex Luthor remains to be seen, but nevertheless it will be incredibly interesting to see how they work together. Batman will probably give Superman tips on how to better conceal his identity since he's already shown his face to the world. I'm sure that Bruce Wayne closely followed Lois Lane's articles on this mystery man, leading up to Superman's reveal to the world, and probably deduced his identity as Clark Kent with some digging of his own. Also, considering the script is inspired by some parts of The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, we may even see Superman working as a pawn for the government or something of the sort.

Unfortunately, we will just have to wait and see what they do with the characters. For now, we'll just have to speculate. Nevertheless, I have faith that the powers that be will give us an adequate vision of these beloved heroes and will give us the Batman and Superman movie we have dreamed of.

Image from The Dark Knight Returns Part 2
Image from The Dark Knight Returns Part 2


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