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So rumors have it that fox casted Michael B as the new human torch.


I don’t see the problem and am not saying that because am black to. I think it would be awesome if he is black, like I did not hear anyone complain when Jessica Alba was there she is half Hispanic what’s up with that? PS: Their childhood story would be so awesome like a black brother and a white sister both were adopted. Now that`s what I call a plot twist lady’s and gentleman Lets think about how many white superhero’s have been played by black actors and turned out well.



-And my all time favorite my N***A Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson 

Pleas don’t mess this up people we already lost Donald Glover as Spiderman. Like for real you see what you guys did come on lets be honest Donald Glover would be One of the best Spiderman. He had all the things you would like in Peter Parker but we blew it up. A lot of you lameos are tripping too much it kind of annoys me. A lot of you are also saying that if a black guy can play the human torch then a whit guy Can play as The Black Panther or Luke Cage.

Really? Come on really? A withe black panther?

Thinking about it may be possible to have a white black panther, just change the location to a suburb up in America it would maybe make sense :P MAYBE. And for Luke Cage ehm, I think one none black guy would fit and that would be The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) And if not why not terry crews. Well well guy we just swerved out of the subject. Any ways what I am trying to say is don’t overreact people. The movie is not even out yet and people are still saying give me my money back :P


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