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Source: Variety

Jason Statham has finally signed on to appear in the Melissa McCarthy action spy comedy Susan Cooper which will be written and directed by McCarthy's frequent collaborator Paul Feig, the man behind Bridesmaids and The Heat.

There were rumours last year that Statham was circling the project and indeed he had indicated in interviews that he would like to tackle the action comedy or buddy cop genre that, in the 80s, spawned things like the Beverley Hills Cop and Lethal Weapon franchises.

McCarthy is riding high off the back of some high profile successes and I, personally, think the pair up could be an interesting one. Of course I'd also love to see Statham do a more traditional style buddy cop pairing too, with the emphasis on the action over the comedy, but until then I will be first in line to see Susan Cooper.

Statham has shown his comic chops in the Guy Ritchie films like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and, of course, in the Crank films, so there is precedent. I am a huge fan of Statham and anything that continues his run of big screen ass kickery is all good by me.


Think Statham has the comic chops?


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