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The CW's newest Show Star-Crossed which Aired February 17 has already stirred up a large fan base.

Spoilers ahead!!

It's a sort of retelling of the classic love story romeo and Juilet with a twist instead of the Montagues and Capulets there's the Atrians and the humans, It starts off in September 2014 when a species of aliens (known as the atrians) land there space craft on earth in hopes of finding shelter after there planet is destroyed. But our world thinks its in invasion and they start shooting their supposed invaders. Roman a young atrian boy runs away and finds himself hiding in the shed of one of the humans houses. Where he is found by a human girl his age,She protects him gives in a blanket and some spaghetti and plays games with him until the FBI finds them and shoots roman(how dare they!).Which leaves Emery Thinking he was dead (but of course he's not).

Ten years later (2024) after the world has realized that the Atrians aren't as big of a threat as they first thought, A program is invented that integrates roman and seven other Atrians teenagers into a suburban high school,but some humans still despise the Atrians for one reason or another and make their lives a living hell,but even with the hate crimes and harassment, Roman still has faith in the humans because of Emery He later meets a girl who he recognizes right off to be Emery,and He pursues her,she then finds out that it is roman she ask's him how he knew it was here and he says "when I saw you I suddenly had a craving for spaghetti" . Emery Receives a lot of criticism for hanging out with Roman, But she really doesn't care she try's to distance herself from him and him from her because of the harm that might come to both of them if they are found out, but they can't help but accidentally (wink, wink) run into each.

Over all so far I think this series has potential for being one of the CW's longest and most popular shows,With enticing story lines and amazing characters, it's already on my top 10 list. And who knows, maybe this Romeo and Juliet will get a happy ending.

You can check star-crossed out Mondays on the CW.


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