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We're all familiar with our favorite villains like Chucky, Leatherface, Michael Myers, and so on and so forth. But what if they all were in one movie? Though it doesn't seem possible at the moment due to all of the different company's that have control over each character. It is always good to think of the possibilities just in case one day it does happen. And here I think of two ways to make a movie of such such awesomeness.

1. Continue On From Freddy vs Jason

Everyone has their opinions on Freddy vs Jason. Some say it was good, some say it was horrible, and some are in between. But no one can deny how awesome it was to finally see two slasher villains come together in one movie! So imagine if it was more than just two antagonist? It wouldn't be hard to make that happen either of they really wanted to. They could add on from the first and continue adding more villains like Michael Myers and Leatherface. What an epic movie that would be!

2. Reboot All Franchises And Set It All Up Like The Avengers Did

The Avengers was awesome, and it gave me an easy idea of how they could all come together and easily make the ultimate slasher movie. By rebooting all of the major slasher franchises and ending them each with a hint of whats to come, like the Avengers did. I think if they were all under one company they could do that. And it would not only give us a great movie, but each franchise would be able to have their own individual movies and even possibly become as popular as they were in the 80's, because it would reintroduce each character again, and it would leave audiences wondering what's going to happen next! In my opinion it would be great to have them all mainstream again, instead of what's already here. And as you can already see this formula works. Now not only is everyone looking forward to the next Avengers, but DC is using this formula too, which has to mean it works!

It is possible people, and I'm sure it will happen in time. Seeing them all in one movie is what millions have been waiting for a long time now. And I think it's about time it came true!

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