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Hi, my name's Bucky, and I'm a nerd. A movie nerd. And a comic book nerd. And one of the things I love to do in my spare time, is put the two together and think about movies that would make excellent comic books. Ladies, I'm single.

Take it to the comments if you have any thoughts, agree, disagree or want to add something.

3. Zombieland

This movie was so fantastic. It was fun, it was hilarious, it had zombies and guns, it had great eye candy in Emma Stone and, above all else, it had a cameo from the legend himself, BILL FUCKING MURRAY!

It makes perfect sense to adapt this into a comic book. I mean, people can't get enough of zombies. Popularity is riding high thanks to The Walking Dead, and no thanks to things like that awful flop (the movie, not the book) World War Z.

It would be fantastic to find out everyone's real names and see Tallahassee finally get his hands on a truckload of Twinkies.

With the right writer and illustrator signed, it would make for a really fantastic comic adaption. Especially with the second movie on the way!

2. The Goonies

Any self respecting individual reading this article knows what an absolute classic The Goonies is. For years, there have been rumors flying around that The Goonies will have a sequel, a remake, even talks of a musical adaption.

Personally, I think the perfect medium for something like The Goonies would have to be comics. I mean, it's too perfect a film to remake, Corey Feldman is vehemently against a sequel, and to be honest, how could any sequel possibly stand up to 30 years of talk? There was a rumor flying around a few years ago that a comic mini series was to be made of The Goonies, and I think it's a brilliant idea.

The comic could follow Mikey and The Goonies adventures after they found One Eyed Willy's treasure. (seriously, do you think they were trolling us with that name?) It would be great to see The Fratelli's break out of prison and come after the kids, a la Home Alone 2.

Something like this would need the right person at the helm, because the humor in these movies is very specific. I think someone like Matt Fraction would be the perfect writer for a Goonies comic book, because he has that perfect, quirky sense of humor. Check out his twitter account for proof.

1. Enter The Dragon

This is one of my all time favorite films. Bruce Lee was a god among men. The best martial artist of all time. Bruce Lee revolutionized the martial arts film genre in North America. Enter The Dragon is probably the most famous, and the single best martial arts film ever made. Fun fact, it also showcased the first appearance of one Jackie Chan!

This movie would make for a fantastic comic because of the ending of the film. It ends with Lee accomplishing his mission by killing Han. Government operatives swarm Han's island. Lee and Roper have both made it out alive. I'm not sorry if that's a spoiler because the movie is old and if you haven't seen it, you're a dick.

The comic begins at this point. This mission was meant to be a one time thing for Lee, however he opts to leave the Monastery he was trained and raised in, as he learn upon his return that his father has passed away. Due to the success of his mission, British Intelligence hire him to become one of their agents, along with his new partner, Roper.

The movie has such a huge fan base, and would be profitable with the right writer. I think that Ed Brubaker would be perfect due to his success with Sleeper, an epic comic about an undercover spy, and his work on The Immortal Iron Fist, Marvel's most famous martial arts oriented character. Admit it, I'm a genius for making this connection, right? Well, you know, that's why it's my number one pick!

So there you have it, guys! This wraps up my first, hopefully of many, posts. Any questions or concerns, or you just want to tell me that I suck, feel free to take it to the comments as said earlier, or hit me up on my twitter account, @bucky8. Hope you enjoyed it kids!


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