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Chris Hemsworth is Thor, and after his performances across two Thor movies plus The Avengers, it is hard to imagine anyone else in the role.

However, it turns out that the filmmakers had shortlisted not just one but two actors ahead of him. Both Sons of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam and True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard were nearly offered the role.

Alexander Skarsgard bearded
Alexander Skarsgard bearded

Skarsgard, seen here with a Thor-like beard as he stands in his underwear at the South Pole, was thought to be a good choice due to his sharing a Scandinavian background with the character Thor.

Charlie Hunnam black and white
Charlie Hunnam black and white

Hunnam came even closer to getting the part. He aced his first audition, while Hemsworth struggled. It was after the second and third interviews, though, that Hemsworth began to make the role his.

Director Kenneth Branagh explained:

He had grown into it. He understood it better. And crucially, he was at ease.

So would you like to have seen either of these actors given a chance at playing the Norse God? Is it is blasphemous even to think that?

Also, now that Hunnam is now being considered for Aquaman - can you think of a superhero you would like to see Skarsgard play?

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Who would have made the best Thor?


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