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Mark Newton

We all know the Jurassic Park movies kind of work on a predictable basis. Man irresponsibly creates dinosaurs. Dinosaurs escape and eat man. Having said that, we've still heard preciously little from the upcoming sequel, Jurassic World.

Today, however, a surprising little nugget has hit the web. It seems like two script sides from the Colin Trevorrow directed movie have been leaked online. Now, I recommend you charge up your BS detectors with these ones, although there are suggestions they're fairly genuine. Check them out below:

Now, these are not strictly script pages, but script sides. Sides are an abbreviated form of the script that is generally used by the cast and crew to figure out what is going to be shot that day.

It's not unusual for people to fake script leaks for major blockbusters, but it seems like these sides could be the real thing. According to, it looks like a user named Robotpo from came across some 'casting sides' for Jurassic World. These are small pieces of scenes which are given to actors to read out during cold auditions. Now, often the dialogue provided does not necessarily appear in the movie, although it can often be an indication of characters for which actors are being sought.

I think we can expect the 'Concierge' to be a fairly minor role in the movie, although Hamada sounds like a more fully fleshed out dino-stopping badass.

So far, we only know that Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jake Johnson, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson and Irrfan Khan have all been cast in the movie. But with a character like Hamada on the cards, is it only a matter of time before Ken Watanabe is cast? He's basically Hollywood's go-to-guy to play badass middle-aged Japanese dudes, right?

What do you think? If these sides are the real-deal, have they reassured you for Jurassic World. I have to admit, that smart-mouthed kid isn't exactly my cup of tea. Drop your comments below.


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