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Here's some news that should make Christian Grey fans pretty damn stoked: Apparently filming for the super sextastic Fifty Shades of Grey has wrapped! Yes, the almost-porn book series from E. L. James has entered the post-production stage, and you know what that means? That we're a teensy tiny bit closer to seeing Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson getting down and dirty in a totally titillating trailer.

How do we know this? Well, as Fifty Shades finished filming, E. L. James herself posted a picture of her and director Sam Taylor-Johnson on Instagram, with the caption "That’s a wrap... One of us is drinking." Check it out:

We've already seen some sneak peeks from the movie, everything from the first official look at Dakota Johnson's Anastasia, snippets of the sextastic couple on their honeymoon, and some up-close shots of Ana, everybody's favourite prude-turned-sex-kitten, looking innocent. So, although we probably won't be expecting any more set pics anytime soon, now that Sam Taylor-Johnson is happy with all the footage, keep an eye out for trailer which - with any luck - will be crammed full of some seductive and suggestive original footage. Hubba hubba.


Will you see Fifty Shades of Grey when it arrives in theaters?

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