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Batman is taking on the Terminator!

In 1997, Skynet's nuclear blasts made planet earth a wasteland. Only a handful of humans survived, and they are being mercilessly hunted down by the iron demons that now roam the planet.

It is 30 years since the nuclear apocalypse. And for those 30 years, two men in particular have been trying to fight back against the rise of the machines. And now they may have found each other.

Bruce Wayne - who survived the blasts in his bomb shelter in the Batcave - has spent many hard years scavenging the nuclear wasteland of America for resources. Recently, he found the radio of a dead human soldier. And now he is setting out to join forces with the leader of the human resistance - John Connor.

Check out this epic fan made video here, and enter the world of Batman vs the Terminator.

So what do you think? Batman looks like he has the odds stacked against his, given that he is fighting post-apocalypse, but who do you think would will the battle: The Batman or The Terminator?

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Who would win?


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