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I have to admit, I was starting to get pretty annoyed with this recent obsession of making a LEGO version of literally everything. That was, however, until I saw these LEGO recreations of Pacific Rim's Jaegers and Kaiju.

In fact, they are not part of any official LEGO set, but are the labor of love of Japanese LEGO creator, Mako - a man with presumably a lot of LEGO and a LOT of time on his hands.

Mako has created most of the film's Jaegers (including Gypsy Danger, Striker Eureka, Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha) as well as two versions of the Kaiju (Knifehead and Otachi). He even made a little oil tanker to be used as a weapon against the Kaiju. Awww! How quaint! Check out some his creations below, or head over to Mako's blog for more LEGO creations:

Unfortunately, until a Pacific Rim 2 becomes a reality, fan creations like this are probably the only way we can continue to enjoy Guillermo del Toro's gloriously dumb and over-the-top monsters vs robots extravaganza.

Legendary Pictures have approached del Toro and Pacific Rim writer, Travis Beacham, to pen a script for a Pacific Rim sequel, although the studio has yet to officially green-light the project for production.

What do you think? Should Pacific Rim 2 becomes a reality? Or have you already seen too many massive monsters smashing up massive robots? Drop us a comment below.



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