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It's no secret that the Transformers movies are essentially feature length toy commercials. Sure, we get to see massive transforming robots slap each other around a bit, but once all the pyrotechnics and dust has settled, it's all about the merch.

However, despite the franchise obviously targeting kids to a certain extent, star Titus Welliver has suggested Transformers: Age of Extinction might be a bit different. He told The Nerdist:

It’s a bit more of a darker vision of the Transformers world…It’s not a kids movie, I’ll tell you that much.

What does that mean practically? Well, your guess is as good as mine. Along with 'epic' and 'visionary', 'dark' is one of the many words banded around Hollywood which doesn't really mean a whole lot. Indeed, what we've seen so far from Transformers 4 suggests it might be the most trumped up movie of the franchise. I mean, you've got robots riding dinosaur robots! There's already toys out to capitalize on that, and I'm sure we can expect more once the movie hits theaters. Even Welliver accepts kids love the franchise perhaps more than adults do. He said:

I’ve now won the hard earned respect of my children because I’m in a Transformers film. I’ve always wanted to work with Michael Bay and certainly Mark Wahlberg and Kelsey Grammer.

Having said that, kids who became fans of the first movie have now gotten older, so it does make sense to slightly skew the tone of Transformers 4 towards a more adult audience.

What do you think? Are Transformers movies just for kids, or do they have something to say to adults too? Let us know below.


Is the Transformers franchise for kids?


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